February 2021 - Celebration of contrasts

Hello friends!

Life would be so flat and boring without contrasts, wouldn´t it? 

No beauty is perfect without a little flaw. Our flaws are the evidences of how our past shaped our present. No city is really impressive without contrasts. I am a big fan of architectural conrasts in big cities like Paris, London, New York or Istanbul. Their complicated mixture of historical and contemporary buildings, rich and poor districts, large squares and tiny hidden yards and gardens is very beautiful. This contrast shows the real history of the cities and their habitants in the best and honest way.

Contrast is an essential ingredient in every good creative work.  Do you paint, sculpt, compose, sing, dance or write? Whatever you do, you most likely play with contrasts in one or another way. Color contast is the most obvious. However contrast can be introduced in many ways. Size, shape, type, tone, font, alignement, material, you name it. So let us celebrate the power of contrasts both in arts and in everyday life around us. 

I hope you will be inspired by this topic too! Show us your creative selves!

Our February theme is: Celebration of contrasts

February Art Daily Color is Dark red

Quote by Chris Crutcher: “Nothing exists without its opposite.”

If you feel inspired by this topic, if you'd like to join us with your acts of Daily Art - we are waiting!

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