March 2021 - Challenging canvas - by Kassa Hayselden

hi loVelies 
WoW!  what a challenge!  The prompt itself ‘use teal & copper’ was going to force me into breaking my own artistic style & process, as my artwork is always a kaleidoscope of multicolour teehee.  I also decided to change the look of my canvas artwork with having no main focus. 
OH BOY I dug deep for this one!  But after a few arty days, I came out the other end better for it!  
As I painted my busy, swirly, flowery canvas with the limited colour palette I kept going blind to my progress.  I could not ‘see the wood for the trees’ so to speak!  Everything merged,  I needed to work out just how & where to add the hi-lights & shadow without pushing any part of my swirls too much to the foreground.  I quickly learnt I needed to take a minute or two to stop, take a break.  Even making & drinking a cuppa tea can give you enough time to pause & think & give you the fresh eyes to look upon your work...

I found creating the ‘teal & copper’ mini tags with focal points of cute teabag houses a breeze after the ‘swirly & flowery’ canvas challenge.  Thus my canvas experience has been a haPPy success YeY! 
Please share your challenge over here with us, we’d loVe to see your beautiful works of art :-)))
Hugs Kassa xoxoxo 

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