March 2021 - Love - by Nuneka Box

Rules... They’re supposed to help and they do, until you get obsessed with them and want to apply them all to your project, paying more attention to the rules than to the story you want to tell. So I decided to forget them all today and take a deep breath, let myself go with the flow. I wrote in a paper ‘teal & copper’ and closed my eyes for a second… and LOVE came. 

I really love these colors, they work so perfectly together that I wanted them to be the most important thing on the project, so I just added some texture to the canvas and glue some molds’ casts to divide the piece into two. I used Liquid Acrylic to color my work, all the shades blend so easy and flow so naturally that I got completely absorbed in the process. I also used copper Metallic Acrylic Paint, only visible when you change the perspective and look at the piece horizontal, standing flat in front of your eyes. 

I probably broke some rules of composition… but art is something else than rules. So if you feel inspired by the moodboard, let yourself go, breathe and don’t think, create from the inside. 

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