March 2021 - Rust, Copper, Patina - by Finnabair

 Hi, my Dear Ones!

When I was working on this collage I didn't think that I keep breaking so many "mixed-media" rules in my usual projects! I knew I'm a huge fan of the composition in the central part of the canvas, which was not recommended, and that I love bold, striking effects, eclectic compositions which could be over the top... but this was not all!

One of the main rules in mixed-media is not to paint over waxes. It does have a lot of sense - waxes are water-resisting, greasy, they don't accept any mediums... makes sense, right? Right.

But what if I really had to? If I really wanted to change back from wax to acrylic? I tried it here - and I'm happy to say it worked fine enough to get the results I liked. In general, I had a lot of experience with this colour combination, but never in this sequence - I wanted to change the colour scheme and for the first time in a long time I started with copper/rusty tones to finish with patina green/blue tones. Usually, I'd start with turquoise and add metallic touches... new experience and I love it!

One more rule I follow in my projects is to paint the whole composition with gesso after gluing all the elements down. I prefer to do it this way as I never know, which elements will stay on my canvas in the end... this time I decided to paint on the go, layer by layer and it wasn't that bad solution - it was easy to reach to the bottom parts of the project! It was a bit new experience for me and I learned the lesson for sure!

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