April 2021 - Memories Faded - by Riikka Kovasin

Hi there, it’s Riikka here again! Today I’m showing you my take on this month’s theme. I played with opaque and translucent layers, used smokey blue in my project and interpret the theme ”Through a veil” quite literally as well as metaphorically.

As you can see, I added several layers of vellum on top of the other photo. That’s my literal take on the theme – you can see the photo only partially as faded lines as it’s hidden by the vellum layers. But I also thought about the theme in a more metaphorical way – how memories start to fade, like the events and people would be seen through a haze. Naturally there’s some memories that shine like a bright beacon, but some others then again start to fade after time. That makes me think about a scene from a Pixar movie “Inside Out” where the forgetter crew are vacuuming the memories but hold the chewing gum commercial dear. It also makes me think how different senses can provoke memories – like how a scent or a tune can make you remember something, which you think you had forgotten.

The angle I took to memories and forgetting was a slightly different one. My maternal grandfather passed away this year. He was the last one of my grandparents. It’s mind boggling that from a certain, personal point of view a whole generation is now gone. I’m so blessed that my two daughters got to play with their great grandpa and have a lot of good memories with him! The phrase I included in the spread, “give yourself permission”, is kind of an advice for myself. Like it’s ok to let some things slip, ok to forget something but treasure other things.

I used the translucent and opaque layers on several occasions. First I used watercolors to make the background paper – a translucent medium. Then I added some opaque acrylic paint, which I partly treated with Soft Matte Gel to make it translucent. When stamping I chose both solid and more open design stamps so there’s the illusion of more opaque and translucent layers. I also used translucent washi tape and vellum in the page whereas most of the other elements are opaque.

There’s maybe hints of smokey blue in the watercolor background, but I mainly used it in the acrylic layer and as the stamping ink. As this month’s theme is by me, I recorded a video while making the spread. So, if you want to see how I made the background and the layers, please see the video underneath.

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