April 2021 - Mist, Haze or Through a Veil.

Moikka! This month’s theme is by Riikka Kovasin.

There’s the saying “April showers bring May flowers”. I was partly thinking this when I picked the theme. How translucent water makes almost an opaque layer if it rains heavily. How delicate mist can wrap you in this thick white noise and you can only see a few meters forward. How something translucent can totally transform the view and be almost opaque.

The technique plays with the theme – combining opaque and translucent layers. Some possible ideas to get you started: turn your acrylic paint into a glaze, add encaustic to your project, lay vellum on top or play with glass beads. Resist techniques would also be perfect for this!

To keep everything wrapped up in the hazy, misty veil, the color of the month is smokey blue. Like a greyish light blue, light jeans shade. Remember that you can use the color as much as you want – do the whole project with it or just a detail!

Our April theme is Mist, Haze or Through a Veil.

April Art Daily Color is Smokey Blue.

Technique is alternating opaque and translucent layers.

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