May 2021 - A wildflower - by Maria Lillepruun

Dear friends! 

Pink is the most girly color of all, isn´t it? However, when I was a little girl, I did not like it at all! I actually started wearing bright pink in my 20s, and baby pink only in my 30s LOL Now I really like pink, and I cannot explain this transformation...

For this month theme we have the curious sgraffito! This is actually a super interesting technique, especially if you practice it on a big scale surface. I first tried sgraffito on my first year in the Arts Academy, and we did it on wall! We applied tinted paster in layers, and then scratched tsome parts of it while they were still moist. I remember enjoying it a lot!

In my art journal, I painted the pages with the acrylic paint and applied a layer of paper texture paste over the whole page. Then I scratched some details of the paste off, partly using a stencil to assist me with the potential design.  This was fun, so I dare you all to try it out :)

All the best

Maria Lillepruun

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