June 2021 - Rusty gold - by Riikka Kovasin

What first?

Moikka! It’s Riikka here today to share my project for the June theme and colors. As you’ve read from the theme reveal post, this month we are drawing inspiration from forgotten items, rusty relics and dusting them off.

If you’ve seen some of my projects before, I guess it’s not a huge surprise that I’m in love with “rusty gold”. Even my mother-in-law knows this and understands as she once brought me rusty nails she had found in her summerhouse yard. I still have those and will cherish them. So, getting rusty and dusty was something I enjoy.

I picked up rusty, vintage tones for my project. You can see the rusty red and brown, the colors of the month for example in the Finnabair Mechanicals, but I also added those to my background and made a bigger rusty colored embellishment to kind of frame my photo.

I added several little items from my stash to add to the “Rust and Dust” theme. To me that meant something found, something that wasn’t bought for crafting. I added a button, a gasket and a tea bag to the page. Buttons are handy and they often fit to any project. I have a huge stash of old buttons from my two grandmothers and also some extra from a friend. The gasket – I can’t even recall where I’ve gotten it. I think I’ve found it in the yard when the snow has melted and after washing just threw it in this glass jar I have for little nick-nacks. And well, I love black tea and always make a pot of tea in the evening, so I have plenty of tea bags. I also love the tone it has. Also, the tone felt right for the “Rust and Dust” theme.

What captured by imagination the most was the technique. First, I had a bit difficulty to think of an item that was forgotten in my stash. I don’t own a craft room and store my crafting items in a nook of our living room, so I purge at least once a year. In that sense I don’t have that many items, that would be forgotten. But as I don’t purge mediums, or rarely do so, I do have some that I haven’t used for a while. I picked a box of watercolor pencils as the item that’s been lacking some attention and used it in my page a couple of ways. I colored a Finnabair stencil with the pens, sprayed some water on top and then used the stencil like a stamp to get the pattern to my background. I also used the pens to color the vintage sticker I used as my focal point.

I also used another item that was craving some attention. It’s not a forgotten item as such, but since I got it, I haven’t use it much. That’s bees wax pellets. I bought them some time ago and have just experimented a little with them. Somehow, they seemed fitting to this theme as well, so I used the beeswax to adhere the “what” to the clock and also the “first” to the teabag pull. I also added some was to the teabag itself, letting it run to the paper piece as well.

Thank you for a wonderful inspiration, Anat! And thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a wonderful month, filled with discoveries and memories in the making!

Xoxo Riikka

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