June 2021 - Rusty Tin Keepsake - by Finnabair

 Hi my creative friends!

Why this challenge is just perfect for me? 

Let me see... I love rust in any shape and kind and I adore found objects, I keep collecting them and then putting them in a "safe location" with the hope for future use... and a bit like a squirrel I keep forgetting them for long months or years! This exactly happens to a good bunch of the objects I've used in my creation you can see below: the tin was found on the bottom of my drawer, the key was waiting for its turn for more than 5 years, I'm sure and the little scraps of metal were sitting on my desk for ages!

When I pulled these found treasures together the idea for a project came to my mind - altered tin, turned into a "secret box" or a photo frame if you prefer! It all made so much sense, especially I decided to use the photo I've never used in a project before - and I still can't believe how is it possible?

The natural rusty shades of the inside of the tin were my huge inspiration  - they were quickly followed with naturally rusted screws, pieces of metal plates and finally - rusted Mechanicals. To make this colour combination more fresh and vibrant I paired the rust with Amethyst - a beautiful, rich shade of Purple from my Art Alchemy Metallique range of paints. 

To add a bit of air and sparkle I highlighted the details with Old Silver Metallique Wax and used a bunch of sequins and a sprinkle of glitter - this a bit challenging, eclectic combination of textures, shiny and matte elements created the perfect balance for the rusty tin - especially there was an old wedding photo included as well!

Now the old tin is one of my favourite keepsakes and it makes me smile when I see it on my shelf - I had a true, deep bond with my grandparents and making this project is my own way of celebrating and cherishing the love I received.

Sending hugs your way - have a wonderful, creative weekend!


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