July 2021 - Be authentic - by Marina Ignatova

Hello Friends! Marina is here with my new art-journal page. This month's theme is black luxury. And here everyone has the right to interpret the way he feels about this topic! Black is my favorite color and I was quite comfortable working with it and its shades, but I thought about the topic itself. Now the beauty industry has developed quite widely, it has become accessible. As a result, we see a lot of people with the same doll-like appearance: bowed lips, thin noses, chiseled cheekbones. I'm not against beauty injections in general, sometimes they solve a lot of problems. But when people make them because it's fashionable - it seems strange to me. Plus, people have forgotten what it means to be yourself. They try to seem better, imitate someone, voice not their thoughts. What for? Nature has created everyone unique! And it's so great! Therefore, in the modern world, I can safely say that being authentic has become a luxury. That's what my work is about. 

I hug you, and remember that everyone is unique and this is really cool! Marina.

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