July 2021 - Black Luxury

Hello friends,

Have you ever thought what color do you associate with luxury? Most people would probably choose between purple, gold and black. 

The first one has been the "official" luxury color for centuries, because it has always been very difficult, and therefore, very expensive to produce purple dies. Only monarchy could actually afford purple clothes, so they had been super luxurious until people learnt to synthesize purple.

Gold is surely the color of luxury too. This is actually metallic yellow with an addition of red and green. But we associate it with pricy metal, so it will never go out of fashion.

Black, however, is much more complicated. It is the color of mourning and evil in many countries, but it somehow also signifies glamour and exclusivity. It is strong and rebellious, punk/rock/goth/metal musicians looove black! But it is also so modest - nuns and monks often wear black too. So this is the most contraversial color of all!

I picked BLACK as this month theme, because I think that true luxury is not something that lies on the surface. Luxury is sophisticated and mysterious, otherwise it can easily turn into kitsch. As the color of night, elegant black dims the excessive shine of precious metals and stones, making the look stylish.

Show us you BLACK LUXURY! Your project do not have to be all balck, of course. In fact, even a slight hint of mystery is sometimes enough to turn your work into the true masterpiece!

Our July theme is Black Luxury

July Art Daily Color is Black.

Idea/Technique: What does luxury mean to you? Show it via mixed media.

If you feel inspired by this topic, if you'd like to join us with your acts of Daily Art - we are waiting!

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