August 2021 - Leather flower recycling - Maria Lillepruun

Dear friends!

Recycling and upcycling has luckily been a trend for years now, and I just can´t be happier. In this age of over-consumption, we should all reuse old things as much as we can. 

For this month´s challenge I did what I love the most: I made a new book. Well, it actually looks quite old, doesn´t it? But this is just my favourite style. I just love making my notebooks look antique.

On the cover of the book I used a leather flower, and this is its third "life" already! Originally, it used to be a brooch, and decorate a vintage leather bag, which was thrown away a long time ago. But I kept the flower, so I could use it again as a part of my altered sewing machine project. Here is the picture of that machine I made 5 years ago. 

When I had to move the house sometime later, I could not keep that altered piece. So again, I dismantled it and took the decorations off. Here´s the picture of that leather flower after I took it off the sewing machine.

I had kept the flower in my drawer for some time now, but its time has come once again. So here is my new/old book with the same flower on its cover as the main embellishment this time. This might be its "final life", or maybe not. Who know what the future holds...

Maria Lillepruun 

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