September 2021 - Careless and unforgettable - by Martina Stoycheva

Hello everyone!

The sweet, pastel colors of this month moodboard took me back in my childhood.

When the days were long and playing outside never ending. 

I remember we played outside until late at night because the building we lived in was large, there were a lot of kids on the same age and it was safe. 

We all knew each other and it was easy to gather together and play.

My art journal page is from earlier times though. 

I always wanted to use this photo in some of my projects. 

This is me and my older sister. I`m just a little toothless baby here. 

This photo always brought me back in my early memories and reminded me of the placement of the furniture, the way the sun always shined trough the low window, the old СМЕНА(Russian camera) my dad had. It brings memories back. The best memories! When I was a kid. 

My page is simple as my childhood was. Careless, free of responsibilities and unforgettable. 

I hope you`ll feel a bit of my inspiration through my page and create something that will bring your own childhood in your mind. 

Be inspired!

Hugs, Martina.

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